Specialty Programs

At Volunteer Home Care, we recognize there are times when you may need specialized care for a variety of acute or chronic health conditions.  Our goal is to partner with you, your physician and your family in establishing a treatment plan that is designed specifically to meet your needs while allowing you to remain in your home. 

CHF Program

Assessment, education, and rehabilitation are offered in a program designed to prevent your re-hospitalization for Congestive Heart Failure. 

Infusion Therapy

Antibiotic, hydration, TPN and other infusion therapies enable you to manage your illness and/or disease in the comfort of your home.

Disease Management

Living with chronic diseases such as Diabetes, Heart Disease and COPD is difficult for you and your loved ones.  Our clinicians develop treatment plans based on evidenced based principles. Our goal is to provide clinical and educational support so that you effectively manage your disease at home.

Fall Prevention

The prevention of falls in our patient population is a priority at Volunteer Home Care. You and your family are given the necessary tools to ensure the safety of your home, rehabilitation aimed at restoring your ability to ambulate safely, as well as your balance, and clinical support and education for problems that may contribute to your being high risk for falls.

Anodyne Therapy

This program may be offered to patients with Diabetes, Peripheral Vascular Disease or other neuropathies who also experience gait or balance abnormalities. 

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