Skilled Nursing services are prescribed by your personal physician.  They include observation, assessment and education by a Registered Nurse or Licensed Practical Nurse for a variety of conditions such as:

Diabetes UTI MS  Medication Management
CHF Pneumonia ASCVD Diet and Nutrition Management
COPD HTN Bronchitis Pain Management  
Cancer CAD MI Post-Surgical Care

Skilled Nursing services also include hands on care for treatment plans established by your personal physician for health care needs such as:

Wound Care  Urinary Catheter Management Infusion Therapy    
IM or Subq Injections Anticoagulation Management    Ostomy Mangement

Physical Therapy services are ordered by your physician and are carried out by Licensed Physical Therapists and Licensed Physical Therapy Assistants.  Greater independence at home is the goal of your treatment plan, which typically includes strengthening, mobility training, fall prevention, pain reduction, transfer and balance training. 

Arthritis Fractured Bones  Post-Surgical Hip and Knee Replacement
Traumatic Accident/Injury    

Medical Social Services are those designed to assist you with financial hardships, connect you with community services or counsel you during times of psychological/economic stress. Our social workers can be valuable resources as you try to navigate the complexities of the health care system. 

Home Health Aide services are provided in conjunction with skilled nursing and physical therapy.  Our home health aides assist you with personal care such as bathing, grooming and dressing.  These services may be provided for those individuals who wish to pay for them privately, as Medicare and most other insurance companies will not cover this stand alone service.

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